Ampere Electrical Contracting Est

Ampere Electrical Contracting Est
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ADDC Company Approval Exam

Classes : 13 Feb to 17 Feb -2011

Registration with Ecoman Traning institute Abu Dhabi at least one month before.
Fees Paid:- AED: 8000
First Day :- 1-5 Chapters coverd

Following steps to Further Procedure

  1. Apply to ADDC for the license approval.
  2. Engineer's qualification Equvilency
  •                         Degree and Higher Secondry  qulification genuinity Certificate to get from Indian Embassy by fill there application form for both certificates with one set of passport copy, certificate photo copies both side for each certification.
  • Indian Embassy will issue a Genuinty Certificate for the certficate after verification that the given certificates are genuine
  • by with secondry Genuinty certificate from Embassy , we will apply to Ministery ofSecondry Education Abu Dhabi Maroor Road Near Bus Stand bride( Delma Street)
  • by with Degree Genuinty certificate from Embassy , we will apply to Ministery of Higher Education Abu Dhabi Najdha Street opposite AL Kindy School and opposite to poilce station

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bus Bar

  1. Site survey done, Measured the length required for the Bus Bars,
  2. Purchased the MCCB 100A, 35KA and installed inside the Pannel after arranging the back support
  3. Size of Bus Bar 30 x10 mm , 02 Nos. of Length (Each Length 3 Meter)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Electrical Related Web Site Addresses

ELR Installation at Traffic Control Building

Supply and Installation of 04 Nos of ELR ( Earth Leakage Relay ) in SMDB at First Floor in Traffic Control building to the outgoing breakers each were of 100 Ampere MCCB of Schnider Electric( Same as Merlin Gerin)
Material Bought from - Safety Electrical
  1. Shut Relay
  2. ELR
  3. Fuses
  4. CBCT ( We bought it for 50mm2 cable because Lugs were connected so small can't enter in side the cable)
Fixed the shut inside the breaker assembly , put the CT's on the cable , installed ELR on rail mounted c-channel and made the wiring

How Basically It Works

ELR Earth Leakage Relays along with CBCT are used to detect
leakage  current in the earthing. If the earthing is not
proper a small amount of current will appear (in the order
of mA). ELR will continuously monitor the leakage current
if it exceeds the set threshold an output electromechanical
relay (which is inside the ELR) will operate. The output
relay contact can be connected to circuite breakers /
contactor to isolate power supply or alarms.

CBCT Core Balance Current Transformers these will come in
different sizes. the core material will be either nickel or
alloy of nickel, copper wire will be wounded on the core
and properly insulated. The 3-phase line along with neutral
are passed in this core and secondary is connected to ELR.
Idealy the leakage current should be zero if any earth
leakage happen the leakage current will appear at CBCT
secondary it will be detected by ELR

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Air Conditioning Installation

Project No: 1- Abu Dhabi Municipality - 3rd Floor
( Through Highgate Interior Designing Company)

  1. Supply and Installation of Fan coil Units - 04 Nos ( high noise)
  2. Supply and Installation of Chilled water pipe line connection
  3. Supply and installation of Thermostate.and its electrical wiring for the control

Problem Faced:
  • high noise
  • Drain water leakage.
  • thermorstate proper setting
  • No Chemical Flushing did.
  • Because ceiling was 60 x 60 non perforated (like net holes ) so one reason of sound.
  • diffuser used were 40 x 40 and length of ducting was less also so noise might be this reason
  • sound proof liner should be used for make noise free.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Receipt Voucher

Material Approval Form

Installation Testing Certification Report


Incident Report

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Company to start in India

Required Formalities :-

1) Sale tax no.
2) Rented Office for sale tax no.
3) Pan card no.
4) ID card
5) Profile biodata , experience certificate
6) Affidavit
7) Bank account no.
8) Telephone.
9)deposit Rs 10000
10)Enter prise co. letter head