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Ampere Electrical Contracting Est
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cable Size Calculation

  2. Calculate the Demand Load or Connected Load Ic = P/1.732 * V * p.f.
  3. Choose the Next Size of Circuit Breaker In = ( CB =Ic).
  4. Cable Size = (CB x 1.15) /(Ft *Fg)
{ Ft - Temperature Correction Factor ( from A7(g)) If the ambient temperature differ from 30C.
{Fg - Grouping Factor ( From A7(h) If more than one circuit}

Grouping Factor

Temperature Correction Factors

Power Factor Calculation

Voltage Drop Calculation

Example:- If Connect load is 6KW, 2 C PVC non-armoured cable cliped on wall, ambient temperature is 40 C and Power factor is 0.85.
 If Load is Single phase
Load Current Ic = Ic = P/V * p.f.  = 6000/1.732 * 0.85 = 30.6A

Circuit Break Size = 32A ( Next One Higher Value)

Cable Size = CB x 1.15 /Ft * Fg  = 32 * 1.15/0.87*0.85 ( From above Table the value of Ft and Fg )
                 = 49A
From A7(c) Cable Size = 2C x 10mm2 ( One next higher value)

Voltage Drop Calculation

               Ic x L x ( mV/A/m)
 Vd =   ----------------------

From Table A7(a) for 70 C Thermoplast PVC non-armoured Cable  "mV/A/m = 18"

So            30.1 x 22 x 18
    Vd = -------------------   = 7.9  so %age Vd = 7.9 /230 = 3.4 % ( which is less than 4% nominal Value)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project:- UPS Power back-Up Supply & Installation

Location:- IT Department ( Abu Dhabi Municipality- Abu Dhabi)
UPS Capacity:-

Project Detail:-
  1. Disconnecting the Power supply from UPS and Removal of the 248Nos of Batteries.
  2. Supply and Fabrication of the new Battery Racks.
  3. Supply and Installation of the YUASA Batteries- made in Japan.
  4. Made the Rubber cable links with terminal luggs and termination done of the batteries in series connection
  5. Final testing, commissioning, and observation done for the voltage on full load
  6. Power supply Shutdown was took from the municipality and checked the backup time with the battery backups.

Extra Requirement was to provide the Bank gurrantee

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project- IT - Networking at Municipalities of Mussaffa, Sahama, Wathba

Project Name:-
  1. IT Networking for about 30 number LAN and supply and installation of the EPBAX system

Site requirement:
UTP Cable and related material specifications:
  1. Supply and install 100 pair cable gelly armoured XLPE/PVC 0.5mm2 for telephone line
  2. Main Cable: CAT6 UTP, 4-Pairs, 24 AWG.  ( Main cable from MD to the face plate).
  3. Module: CAT6 T568A/B. ( Connector on the backside of the face plate)
  4. Shutter: 1 port Module Holder.
  5. Faceplate: Dual, 2 shutters holder.
  6. Patch Panel: 24 Ports CAT6 – Modular Type – 1U.
  7. Network cabling  ( optical cable from old buiding IDF room to New building IDF Room  will be conected to optical device- optical device will be connected to swtich- Switch will be connected to the patch panel - From patch pannel different Data sockets LAN
    1 Main Cable: CAT6 UTP, 4-Pairs, 24 Pulling, Termination and testing with face plate, and back box 24.00 250 6,000
    2 Cat 6 Patch Panel24 Port 1.00 650 650
    3 Net work cable manager 1.00 100 100
    4 Network 9U Wall Mounted cabinet 1.00 1000 1000
    5 Fiber Patch panel with loaded 1.00 480 480
    6 Optical fiber cable 6 core multimode 100 meter 10 1,000
    7 Fiber cable termination charges 1.00 325 325
    8 Network cat 6 patch cord 1m 24.00 16 384
    9 Network cat 6 patch cord 3m 24.00 20 480
    10 D link10/100/1000MBPS switch 1.00 1500 1500
Cable Material used:-I-net Networks cable 23AWG(0.57mm2) Cat 6 UTP- Made in UK.
Schneider Electric Actessi Cate 6 UTP.
Multimedia connect Cat 6 UTP.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Car Parking Light Control System- Abu Dhabi Municipality

Client: -      ( Abu Dhabi Municipality )

Main Contractor: -     Ampere Electrical Contracting Est

Project Detail 

  1. Visited the site, did the survey and checked out the requirements for the number of motion sensors required for the exact solution
  2. Fabrication of the control pannel

 Material Used:-
  1. GI conduit laying for the control cabling for motion sensors.
  2. install the motion sensor of 220 volt supply (From Sens Light)
  3. Siemens PLC Logo soft confort of latest version 6.1.
  4. write the software programming the loaded on the logo( intial problem was coming of tranfer of program to logo but we found our sofware was of older version and logo was latest so purchased the latest software version also
  5. contactors of 25Ampere of 220 volt coil supply of Federal Electric and Siemens installed.
  6. Siemens Contractor are good for frequest jerks
  7. Each Floor control panel made seperatly and installed on each floor level.
  8. Light circuit fault were cleared also,
  9. Due to non electronic choke of lights , so many lights were found faulty due to frequest ON OFF

  1. Note:- Initially Project was awarded to GISCO, but because GISCO maintenance contract was finished on December 2010 as due their non availabilty and there no interest in the project so Municipality has awarded the same project to Ampere Electrical Contracting on the same agreed price.

Supply and Installation of EPBAX system

Client: -      Musanada ( Abu Dhabi Municipality Affairs)

Client Engineer:-         Engineer Tahir

Main Contractor: -     Al Thuriya Electrical and Sanitary works

Sub-Contractor:-          Ampere Electrical Contacting Est
Project Detail 

  1. Supply and inatallation of telephone sockets, cable pulling, termination and testing commissioning 
 Material Used:-

Project - Supply and Installation of the Parking Gate Barriers with Intercom system at Abu Dhabi Municipality Affairs, Client Musanada ( Abu Dhabi Municipality)

Client: -      Musanada ( Abu Dhabi Municipality Affairs)

Client Engineer:-         Engineer Sabha Rashid

Main Contractor: -     Ampere Electrical Contracting Est

Project Detail 

  1. Supply and inatallation done of the 6Meter rectangular arm car parking barriers
  2. Supply and Installation of the  Audio and Video Inter Com system.
  3. Supply and Programming of the extra 30 Nos. of the Remotes control for the entery barrier opening.
 Material Used:-
Gate Barrier:- BFT Maclingo

Project - Fire Alarm System Installation at Zafrana Municipality, Client Musanada ( Abu Dhabi Municipality)

Project - Fire Alarm System Installation at Food Control Authority Building Airport Road, Client Musanada ( Abu Dhabi Municipality)

Project - Fire Alarm System Installation at Mussffa Garage Sheds, Client Musanada ( Abu Dhabi Municipality)

Scope of the Work:-
1. Supply and Installation of the Addessable Fire Alarm System

APPROVAL Documentation Requirements Such as FOR - ADDC, CIVIL DEFENCE, WATER METER, Fit-Out Contractors

Documents required for ADDC METER Approval
  1. Application Form duly Signed ( Form No:1 - if already meter exisits i.e single page form, Form No:2 if Meter already not exiits i.e Double page form)
  2. Agreement between the owner and tenant
  3. Site Plan
  4. Trade License copy
  5. NOC from Owner for applying Electricity meter
  6. Approved Single Line diagram
  7. Electrical Drawings in Autocad Format
Documents required for Civil Defense Approval
  1. Company's Civil Deense approval certificate copy ( Certificate -1 and Certificate -2)
  2. Company's Equipment approved certificates card copy.
  3. Company's Civil Defense approved card copy
  4. Letter from the Owner.
  5. Location Site Plan.
  6. Letter from the Supplier on their letter ahead( Aikah Letter head about the used devices)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green Mountains Environment Est- Waste Water treatment plant commissioning with Siemens at Mussaffa Abu Dhabi

  1. Full project study and full complete study of the logic used in the plant from the given electrical drawings  and from the site visits and had done the meetings with client Engineer Mr. S.Kumar and Siemens Engineer Mr. Ashok Kumar for the complete understanding of the projects
  2. Site Layout
  3. Prepared the Power cable schedule for all the associated machines inside the plant.
  4. Prepared the control cable schedule for all the associated control valves, control switches, controls posts,indications lamps etc
  5. Instructions given to the ampere's electrical team for the installation
  6. Some of the local control pannel fabrication done as per the requirement in the site such panel for ..
  7. Purchase and inventory done for the cables, cable trays, farrules, connectors. enclosures, relays, glands etc.
  8. Supply and installation of all the cable raceways using heavy duty cable trays accoding to ADDC rules and regulations with proper earthing and bondings.
  9. Ater fabrication of the control panel stands, Installation of the local control post and remote control post in side the electrical control room done.
  10. Termination of the control and power circuit terminal blocks with the field wiring
  11. shielded control cable of 22AWG were used for the control termination
  12. Rubber cable of 2.5mm2 and 4mm4 used for the power circuits.
  13. Testing and commisoning.
  14. Fabrication of One of the control pannel for Mannual operation
  15. Final Handover after OK certification from Siemens Engineer