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Ampere Electrical Contracting Est
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Monday, March 14, 2011

New Company to start in India

Required Formalities :-

1) Sale tax no.
2) Rented Office for sale tax no.
3) Pan card no.
4) ID card
5) Profile biodata , experience certificate
6) Affidavit
7) Bank account no.
8) Telephone.
9)deposit Rs 10000
10)Enter prise co. letter head

Friday, March 4, 2011

CCTV system Through Internet


1.    Purchase a DSL modem as required (ADSL or SDSL).
2.    Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port at the back of the DVR box and the other end to the modem.
3.    Set up your IP address. You can obtain it with your DSL connection.
4.    Activate your Firewall, so as to limit external interference in your recorded data on the Internet.
5.    Connect the router to the DVR with the help of a cable in case you require a network of connections.
6.    You now have an Internet connection through the DVR. Now you are able to view every movement from your  Bussiness Establishment online.
Things We Need:
  • IP address
  • DSL modem
  • An Internet service
  • Firewall security
  • DVR
  • Router
  • Ethernet cable
Tips & Warnings
  • Acquire a unique static IP address from the subscriber when you go for it. It will save on time and confusion in the Internet connectivity to your device.
  • You can also connect to the Internet even if you have a standard dynamic IP.
  • Always remember that your IP address is your password to the Internet service; enter it without any mistake.
  • Ensure that the LAN cable is appropriately connected

List of Major Electrical Companies operating in UAE

  1. Gulf Total Tractebel Power Company (GTTPC)
  2. Arabian Power Company (APC)
  3. Emirates Sembcorp Water and Power Company (ESWPC)
  4. Al Mirfa Power Company (AMPC)
  5. Abu Dhabi Distribution Company ADDC.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Do Testing For New Installations

 Before Supply is Connected

  1. Continuity of Earth conductors {(MEC and CEC) - Main earth conductors and Circuit Earth conductors}. -- Test Procedure: 1
  2. Continuity of Main & supplimentary bonding conductors- Test Procedure: 1
  3. Continuity of Ring Circuit conductors. ----- Test Procedure: 2
  4. Insulation Resistance                      -- Test Procedure: 3
  5. Polarity Test                          - Combined with Test: 1
  6. Earth Electrode Resistance     --- Test Procedure: 5

After Supply is Connected
  1. External Earth fault Loop Impedence Test  ----- Test Procedure: 4
  2. Re-confirm Polarity.                                 ------ Test Procedure: 4
  3. Earth fault Loop Impedence                      ----- Test Procedure: 4
  4. Operation of RCD and earth fault devices. ---- Test Procedure: 4
  5. Operation of Switches and Isolators.           ---- Test Procedure: 4
  6. Prospective Fault Current Measurement     ---- Test Procedure: 4
Instrument and Tools Used

  1. Continuity Tester
  2. Insulation Tester. ( Megger Meter)
  3. Loop Impedence Tester.
  4. Probes.
  5. Rubber Gloves when applying 500V
  6. Earthing terminal 4- pin lead.
  7. Isolation Transformer 230/230 Volt for safety Reasons.