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Ampere Electrical Contracting Est
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green Mountains Environment Est- Waste Water treatment plant commissioning with Siemens at Mussaffa Abu Dhabi

  1. Full project study and full complete study of the logic used in the plant from the given electrical drawings  and from the site visits and had done the meetings with client Engineer Mr. S.Kumar and Siemens Engineer Mr. Ashok Kumar for the complete understanding of the projects
  2. Site Layout
  3. Prepared the Power cable schedule for all the associated machines inside the plant.
  4. Prepared the control cable schedule for all the associated control valves, control switches, controls posts,indications lamps etc
  5. Instructions given to the ampere's electrical team for the installation
  6. Some of the local control pannel fabrication done as per the requirement in the site such panel for ..
  7. Purchase and inventory done for the cables, cable trays, farrules, connectors. enclosures, relays, glands etc.
  8. Supply and installation of all the cable raceways using heavy duty cable trays accoding to ADDC rules and regulations with proper earthing and bondings.
  9. Ater fabrication of the control panel stands, Installation of the local control post and remote control post in side the electrical control room done.
  10. Termination of the control and power circuit terminal blocks with the field wiring
  11. shielded control cable of 22AWG were used for the control termination
  12. Rubber cable of 2.5mm2 and 4mm4 used for the power circuits.
  13. Testing and commisoning.
  14. Fabrication of One of the control pannel for Mannual operation
  15. Final Handover after OK certification from Siemens Engineer

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